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Additive Manufacturing

This is the construction of a three-dimensional object from a CAD model or a digital 3D model. It can be done many ways, in which a material is chosen, and then joined or solidified with material being added together.

We offer Metal Solutions, Plastic Solutions, AM Services, and even easy to use software. Click the pictures below to learn more!
Metal printing 1080x1080


Metal Solutions

LMD is a Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process that functions by precisely stacking weld beads on top of one another, in powder or wire form, when introduced into the laser generated melt pool. With our partners at MELTIO, We can supply stand alone LMD printers as well as custom designed solutions for Robotic Additive Manufacturing.  


Plastic Solutions

Polymers are always a great option for your AM needs. Thousand of materials are available, some with excellent mechanical characteristics.

In this setting, the 3D printer typically uses FDM technology and material supplied in Bulk pellets.

Plastic printing 1080x1080


AM Services

Whether you need prototyping, a functional component, a custom part in an emergency to keep the production going, or a small batch of parts, we have the tools to make your idea a reality! After four years of Additive Manufacturing for our own prototyping and components production, the effect of the pandemic opened up a chance to use our experience and equipment to help our community by rapidly producing PPE for local Michigan hospitals. It made us aware of how critical it is to have local, reliable sources for manufactured parts! 


AM Software

When setting up a 6 axis Robot as a 3D printer, It is very important to have "easy to use tools" to help with the slicing and programing of the robot. For this, we have partner with Adaxis, and include their software as a part of every 6 Axis printer we offer.

AdaOne is a powerful and intuitive software for robotic additive manufacturing of metals, plastics, composites and concrete. The software platform covers every aspect needed to go from idea to finished part.

It really is that simple!

adaxis 1080 1080.png
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