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Alchemist I


Accufacture | Meltio | FANUC

“The art of transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary parts!"

Introducing Alchemist I our premier, standard Robotic Additive Manufacturing cell designed specifically for metal fabrication. 

This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates the renowned quality and cost-effectiveness of MELTIO Wire LMD technology, with the unparalleled flexibility and precision of FANUC robotics.

Furthermore, this synergy empowers our clients to swiftly produce metal components on demand, achieving an exceptional density level of 99.998%.

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Alchemist I-Accufacture
Alchemist I_Accufacture_LLC_edited.png

Alchemist I Features


Standard setup

Portable laser safe enclosure

Fully integrated and tested


Class 1 laser enclosure

Wire Laser DED Technology




Large print volume

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“Our Alchemist I Cell marks the culmination of our extensive relationship with Meltio and FANUC, aimed at expanding the horizons of large format metal 3D printing. By offering a standardized, preconfigured solution, we aim to streamline the adoption process for our customers, thereby accelerating innovation across diverse industries.” 


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