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In-Die Insertion & Assembly - J-TECH

What's your insert??

In-die insertion of standard or non-standard components, as well as in-die assembly of multiple stamped parts together not only eliminates costly secondary process but also improves your production and product quality control, while reducing labor and WIP.

  • In-Die Assembly tooling is supplied for progressive and transfer dies.

  • Components can be installed from the top down, bottom up, or cam action.

  • Insertion heads installed solid on the lower shoe or in the die stripper. 

  • Simple integration in the die with provided mounting systems and rapid industrial connectors.

  • Installation is error-proofed with poke-yoke design.


How it works

A feeding system, connected to the press and insertion heads, feeds the components to be inserted via a distribution system best adapted to the part (vibrating bowl, etc.); this system, equipped with one or multiple feeders can supply multiple insertion heads via specific, flexible feeder pipes. Then, synchronized with the press motion, the head properly locate the faster or component and insert it into the part using the press motion or an actuator. Further down in the die, we then use a sensor to confirm the presence and correct installation of the insert.

Several component references and dimensions can be inserted simultaneously in series up to 60 parts per minute per head (depending on the application and die parameters).

Generally independent from the die kinematics, each head can be used in several applications, offering investment optimization and/or securing the means of production.

Standard Components Insertion
Non-Standard Components Insertion & Parts Assembly


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