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In-Die Micro TransferTM - JACAR Systems

What is it??


In-die Micro Transfer technology is designed to help metal stamping professionals maximize production with a better small part handling system.

Jacar's revolutionary Micro Transfer™ System provides a new tooling alternative to progressive and large transfer dies. This all-new patented technology brings large part transfer capabilities to smaller part applications.

Micro Transfer's™ design reduces material costs and tooling complexity while improving manufacturing processes and flexibility.

As a result, the system has proven to increase profitability through a simplified manufacturing process.

Advantages of In-die Micro Transfer

Standardized Design - Extremely Small Footprint


As the Micro Transfer™ expert, we offer standardized, extremely small, die-mounted part transfer systems. The unique Micro Transfer™ design features many distinct advantages to progressive dies and older industrialized systems. Micro Transfer’s™ flexible system can also handle wire or tube parts, and can be customized to accept families of parts. The Micro Transfer™ system works with parts as small as thimbles or as large as appliance panels. Some of the many options we offer are: all-mechanical roll-over devices that can rotate or turn over parts in a die, pitch enhancing devices that can increase or decrease the space between parts, and specialized subject matter expert consulting services.

All-Mechanical – No Servo Motor Troubles


The simple all-mechanical design means there are no electronics or servos to give your maintenance department trouble, and no electronic or pneumatic lockouts to check during setup. The innovative design synchronizes its transfer motions to ram movement through an attachment in the upper tool. This coordination of movement allows Micro Transfer™ Systems to stop and start with the ram.

User Friendly – Cycle It Without the Press


Micro Transfer™ Systems are designed to allow tool technicians to cycle them on the bench without the use of a press. Customers have expressed that this is an extremely valuable feature in terms of reducing costly troubleshooting or tool maintenance time. Micro Transfer’s™ small size, light weight, and simple concept also makes for easy interchangeability and quick adaptability to multiple parts or tools.

The Small Footprint Saves You Big


Stamping companies using Jacar’s Micro Transfer™ have reduced material usage up to 45% and cut tooling costs as much as 25%.

The compact size allows our customers to relocate tools from overburdened large presses to smaller presses, which dynamically changes press utilization and burden rates.


Die Build Savings – Instant R.O.I.


Tool makers have saved money and eliminated problems found in progressive dies. As a result, the die build savings can create an instant return on investment.

Here is what customers found a Micro Transfer™ system can eliminate:

  • Problems associated with drawn or flange shapes

  • Burrs or sharp edges caused from pinch trimming

  • The use of nitrogen springs

  • Cut off and form stations

  • Expensive cam pierce, form and trimming stations

  • Costly secondary operations

Large Bracket Top View - Copy.JPG
Large Bracket Die - Copy.JPG
round-plate-lg crop.jpg
Round plate-end view - Copy.jpg
Jacar Long pitch Hybrid.jpg


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