The Dual Quick Changer enables you to use two end-of-arm tools together in a single cycle. With this innovative solution you can use two similar grippers or combine the gripper and vacuum – it’s entirely up to you!

It also allows to quickly and seamlessly switch between tools to maximize the utilization of your robots. By equipping your robotic arm with two end effectors you enable the use of two tools in a single cycle, improving productivity by 50% or more.

OnRobot Dual Quick Changer for Cobots

SKU: ACCU109878
    • Easy and fast tool changing
    • Patented, reliable and easy-to-use locking mechanism. Enables simple and fast locking and unlocking
    • Can be used on any robot arm, drone, or other equipment with an ISO-9409-1 flange
    • OnRobot’s Dual Quick Changer can handle workpieces that combined weigh up to 20 kg
    • Ideal for CNC machine tending to speed up cycle time