DTC Products' Slug Retention Machine (patented) uses a pneumatically-powered grinder to precisely machine a small angled groove into the sidewall of the die cavity in a stamping die. The newly upgraded version now features a microscope and tablet with display. A micrometer coupled to the drive of the machine’s slide enables precise movement of the machine’s carriage to enable the depth of the slug retention groove to be precisely controlled.

SlugKeeper - Slug retention Machine by DTC Products

  • The Slug Retention Machine measures less than 10 inches high, and features a magnetic base that allows it to be mounted temporarily but firmly in place on the die surface during the grooving operation. The machine can also be used to put grooves into die bushings and die inserts, as well as to vent guided stripper openings. At less than 10 pounds, this lightweight unit is easily transportable within a sturdy carrying case. The Slug Retention Machine can be used on dies in the tool room as well as on a die while it is in the press, requires only a compressed air connection to operate, and comes with multiple bits and accompanying tools . It can easily be set up and operated by a single person.