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SOLOMON Vision With Intelligence

What is it??


Using Artificial Intelligence and deep learning technologies, Solomon vision systems are giving new capabilities unlike any other robotic vision system.

Our solutions

AccuPick 3D

Random Bin Picking with AI (RBP)

The award-winning AccuPick 3D solves complex and diverse bin picking problems with advanced AI technologies. AccuPick 3D recognizes objects and patterns difficult for standard bin picking systems to identify.  Users may choose any 3D scanning technology supported by AccuPick 3D software based on the needs of individual applications.  Optional software modules allow rapid robot path planning for bin collision avoidance.  Fast and seamless integration of 3D scanning, AI-based recognition, and motion planning is what makes AccuPick 3D the ideal solution for all your pick-and-place needs.

  • AccuPick 3D software is scanner agnostic, supporting structured light, active stereo vision, time-of-flight (ToF), and laser triangulation scanners.

  • Training the software to recognize objects, even ones with challenging features and patterns, takes only a few hours.

  • Learning to operate the software is simple with a step-by-step guide.

  • Open platform solution: AccuPick supports 16 robot brands and communicates with all major PLCs.

  • CAD file not required for object recognition, applicable to objects with variations in sizes and shape



3D scanner for recognition, object scanning, measurement, robot guiding...

This multi-purposed 3D structured light scanner offers a fast and reliable way to develop various 3D applications, giving system integrator, machine builders, and industrial end users a perfect tool to easily customize 3D applications.  Solscan 3D scanning is based on structured light technology, and is capable of generating a massive and accurate point cloud on an object.

Fast Scanning, Solscan completes a scanning process in about 1.5 seconds and outputs high-quality point clouds from six-axis(x, y, z, Nx, Ny, Nz) configurations.
Color Function Solscan is equipped with RGB cameras, making it possible to develop applications that are important in dealing with color differentiation.

Solomon 3D software Solscan scanner can be seamlessly integrated with AccuPick and Solmotion software.


Defect and pattern inspections with AI

Solvision draws on state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to solve common machine vision problems, such as detection of features, defects, and patterns.  Programming code is unnecessary for the detection. This intuitive, human-like approach requires only the input of image samples and the machine will learn to recognize irregular patterns or features by itself, which remained a challenging task for traditional inspection systems. Solvision comes in two modes of learning:supervised and unsupervised.  When in supervised mode, each defect type needs to be identified and trained.  While in unsupervised mode, Solvison needs to be shown only the golden sample, and it will be able to identify the differences in inspected objects.

Solvision brochure & Specs

Solscan brochure & Specs

AccuPick 3D brochure & Specs


Vision guided robot (VGR) system

​Solmotion leverages advanced 3D and AI technologies to automatically identify an object, its orientation and position, and quickly calculates and guides a robot to the correct path to complete a required task.  The vision guided robot (VGR) system helps users save time and money, and significantly enhances flexibility of production lines.  Solmotion works with Universal Robots and Kawasaki robots and is able to detect singularity of individual robot models for the planned path and send out signals.

Solmotion brochure & Specs