AccuTask 1500
AccuTask 1500

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AccuTask 1500
AccuTask 1500

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Customizable Collaborative Mobile Workstation with Robot & Forge OS/5

The 1st Flexible Plug-N-Play Collaborative Workstation With Real Industrial Capabilities



Fully integrated collaborative workstation, the AccuTask uses the Forge/OS5 operating system to dramatically simplify your robot programming.You can customize your AccuTask by selecting your Cobot or Industrial robot, along with a variety of a la carte options such as custom vacuum grippers, OnRobot equipment, Aim Robotics dispensing units, deburring unit, polishing unit, quick tool changer, vision, etc...

AccuTask Station is built tough for those dirty, dangerous, repetitive tasks. Use the AccuTask Station to free up your valuable machinists and operators.

Key Features
  • Automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks

  • Easily move it on the mobile base

  • Hot-Swap tools in minutes

  • Program it to operate multiple machines

  • IP54-rated system withstands industrial environments


Retool your robot in minutes with a quick-change plug-and-play tooling interface and an array of end-of-arm-tooling options.

Intuitive Programming

Program your robot in minutes using Forge/OS5 with its award-winning user interface that allows you to create powerful programs using simple building blocks.

Rapid Integration

Roll in and quickly program the AccuTask Workstation to control machine tools.

The AccuTask Workstation can integrate over PLC for more sophisticated control.

Typical Applications Include: Pick-n-Place, Machine Tending, Packaging, Loading/Unloading, Inspection, Assisted Material Handling, Sorting, Machining, Polishing, etc...

FANUC Authorized System Integrator

We can install any of the FANUC collaborative robots on our AccuTask workstation (Except for the CR35). Other major brands are also available (STAUBLI, UR, Yaskawa, ABB, EPSON...)

Let us help you choose the best model for your applications and provide you with a simple "Ready to Go" solution.

Contact us today for your custom solution!


Choose your favorite small industrial robot or Cobot from FANUC or other major brands!!

Stainless Steel tabletop with standard Welding fixture threaded hole pattern


Program your waypoint and control your grippers directly from the end of arm using "rapid Teach"

Floor bracket to facilitate location repeatability and added safety

All air treatment, valves, connections, I/O port, etc... on board and easily accessible

Easily add on Safety scanners, vision systems, along with custom and smart End of Arm Tooling

Workstation Interaction, Click me!

Heavy duty Steel construction with Industrial casters and leveling feet